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Should Single Parents Be Allowed To Adopt?

The lifestyle and some health issues of this century have led to a steady, sizable increase in the number of single-parent adoptions. Why would a successful, independent single man or woman want to give up his or her freedom and assume the responsibilities of raising a child? The trend is mainly due to the fact that the desire to nurture and share life as a family has become to be a strong need that is felt by a large number of people, and one that is not exclusively to married people or couples. The purpose of adoption is to provide children a loving and caring parent. Single parents should be allowed to adopt because more single parents provide a solid environment for the child, there is a shortage of adoptive parents for older and disabled children, and single parents have the urge to nurture and raise a child.

First of all, single parent adoption provides a much more solid environment: a home free from the issues of an unstable, broken home and its effects on the child. Single parents are usually of higher education and have higher incomes in comparison to the countries average. They have concentrated on their careers and have established a stable home that would benefit a child. Divorced parents, on the other hand, are dealing with emotional and financial stress, which can negatively affect a child. According to New York Times, "out of one-fifth of the nation's 51.1 million Caucasian children, over half of the 9.8 million African American children and almost one-third of the 7 million Hispanic children live with one parent due to divorce and unwed mothers". With these types of statistics, there is no reason to discriminate against a single person for adopting a child when he or she is quite capable of providing a stable and nurturing environment.

Another point is that there is a great shortage of adoptive parents for older children and those with disabilities. Single parents can help to fill this shortage. The majority of couples looking to adopt want a healthy Caucasian baby. However; the number of healthy Caucasian infants available for adoption has decrease due to birth control, legalized abortion, and decision of unwed mothers to keep their babies. Career, on the other hand, is the reason why many people find themselves single. Many single adults may have a career that allows time for an older child and choose not to have the physical demands of caring for an infant. Raising a child from infancy may not appeal to a career oriented person, but a school-age child or teenager may be more appealing. A...

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Brazil: Leandro | USA: Rick, Jami | Tunisia: Marwa | Morocco: Aziz | India: Sunita | Vietnam: Kelly; Huong | Bangladesh: J.A.; Dilowar | China: Miranda | Iran: Rojhano | Argentina: Johny

Panel PRO: Leandro, Rick

Panel CON: Marwa, Johny, Dilowar, Aziz, Jami, Sunita, Houng

AUDIENCE: Rojhano, J.A., Miranda, Kelly

Host: Rick

Moderator: Lala

Panel PRO summary: 

  • Children need the female and male role model.
  • The child could feel depression if one of the parents is not present.
  • There are things than only a mother can see or do and in some other cases things that only a father can see or do.
  • Children need the paternal and maternal influence.
  • One of several factors that affects a child stability is the influence of a mother and father separately.
  • A child is a big responsibility to be handled by just one person. It would affect the emotional and financial stability of a person as this will ultimately affect the child in many aspects.
  • Single parents often find themselves in a lot of stress between a career and working in the household.
  • Having two parents will increase the income of the household which will allow children to have better opportunities for having a better education.

Panel CON summary:

  • When all that a child need is love, it doesn’t matter whether the adopter is single or married.
  • The child will be happier having just one parent rather than having none.
  • There are too many children in orphanages waiting for a home and narrowing their odds of finding a home by allowing only couples to adopt, will increase the sadness and rate of orphans.
  • If the person who wants to adopt a child is self-sufficient and capable, he/she should be allowed to adopt.
  • As long as the person responsible for the child can support the child emotionally and financially, it should be ok.
  • In a household where the parents are famous people and they keep a busy life, they actually are not around the child as much as they should and it is often a different person who is with them all the time. (Babysitter).
  • There are a lot of homeless children, who need love and care, if they could be adopted, even by one person, that child could be saved.
  • A child can be a blessing and bring happiness and meaning to a person as well as to the child.
  • When we adopt, we try to contribute to the country’s economy.
  • If the reason for forbidding people to adopt as a single parent is because the child needs both figures, then all those children whom have lost one of their parents, either for some disease, or for some accident, or for some other reason, then they would lose the only parent that has left.

AUDIENCE summary:

  • All participants in the Team C (Audience) left early as well as the moderator (Lala) therefore, Marwa assumed the role of moderator as well as judge. She voted for both teams as the winners.

There was a bonus chat after the debate and the topic was: If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why. It was a topic held two years ago but since then there have been new members so we repeated this fun chat. This is included in the recording file below. 

Listen online:

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