Essay About My Father Who The One I Admire

1. Location, Location, Location... Doesn't Matter

The one thing I've learned over my years of spring break trips is that where you go ultimately doesn't matter. Traveling with people you love is all you need, and the rest will fall into place. Commercial places like Myrtle Beach are going to be naturally more expensive, so visit a lesser known beach (or no beach at all) because it'll be cheaper and less crowded.

2. Family and Friends Discount

Family is great, friends are better, so why not exploit them for a place to stay? Once you figure out whom you want to travel with, check to see if any of your travel companions have connections to places you could stay over spring break. Using those connections are often cheaper and more reliable than using commercial means.

3. Food for Thought

Spring break is the time to get caught up on sleep, not do anything remotely productive, and eat like there is no tomorrow. However, sleep and not doing anything is free (most the time), but food is not. The quickest way to blow through your spring break budget is by going out to eat too much. While it can be tempting to hit up all the local dives, it's important not to get carried away when treating yourself. When you are packing prior to the trip, go through your own pantry and find any snacks that you already have. Upon your arrival, plan out your meals with whomever you traveled with, only eating out maybe two or three times over the course of your trip. Remember, sharing is caring. Whoever you traveled with, share things to make the trip cheaper and build poor college kid camaraderie.

4. Family and Friends Discount

Family is great, friends are better, so why not exploit them for a place to stay? Once you figure out whom you want to travel with, check to see if any of your travel companions have connections to places you could stay over spring break. Using those connections or often cheaper and more reliable than using commercial means.

5. Great Value, Great Life

This advice applies to most of life, but off-brand items at the grocery store are perfectly fine as compared to name brand items. Those beautifully bland labels are cheap and... well, that's basically it. So there is no reason that your cabinets at spring break aren't packed with off-brand foods. Those combined with cooking meals make for a much more cost-effective spring break.

6. Drinks To Make Your Head Hurt, Not Your Wallet

Since I am not of age, my good friend Charlie will be writing this section.

"First off, get off your craft beer high horse. It may have that pun you thought was funny for five seconds, but it costs ten times more than Rolling Rock. If you are partying on a budget, find some Milwaukee brews and get drunk.

Second, mixes are cheap, and they are made so that you don't have have to taste that three-dollar vodka you poured into it. Remember that you're just trying to forget about that midterm you definitely failed. Also, don't bring your bottles to the beach, that's how you get slapped with fines and ruin your day. Get those solo cups or that thermos that says "I <3 mom" and slap that full of Pina Colada or Tequila.

Hope this helps. I'm giving the computer back to Logan now. I tried not to curse, so if you want to hear this in your voice, just add an expletive every other word."

7. Guys Afternoon In (GAI)

You traveled with them, so spend some time with them. Even more than spending time with them, don't throw money down the toilet by going to various tourist traps like putt-putt, aquariums, or theme parks. Instead, hangout with your friends by playing games together, sitting outside and talking, or walking to nearby holes-in-the-wall. Those local, hidden hotspots will provide a much better time than any of those tourist traps that just want your money in exchange for a mediocre experience.

My Father Essay

This essay will tell you about my father who is perfect for me.

There is an opinion that perfect dads do not exist, however, I strongly want to disagree with this opinion. Maybe not all the dads are perfect, but mine definitely is. My father is special and everything he does and says is special too. I like the way he dresses, he behaves, he moves and speaks. I am really proud of being his daughter, as I am a small present of a great person he is. Let me describe my father so that you understood how special he is.

When you look at him for the first time, you can think that he wears only classy and formal clothes. However, it is just first glance opinion. When you know my father for a long time you can notice that he feels comfortable in all types of clothes: formal, informal, sportive, cheap, expensive, loose, tight fitting. All these clothes are different, but I like them all as each piece accentuates his life style and his habits. What is more, all his clothes fit his body stature. My dad’s appearance is unique and he knows how to outline it the best way.

If we start talking about his appearance, it is important to mention that the way he moves and acts reflects his personality a lot. He prefers fast walking to the calm one. I think that his manner to walk quickly shows his desire to catch the time and manage to take the most of his life. He enjoys every part of his wonderful life. Even when he eats you can get jealous of him, as he will eat the simplest dish with such a delight as if it is the most expensive and delicious food in the world. He is happy and thankful for every piece of meal he gets, and he enjoys it.

He usually does not speak while eating, however, when he speaks it is one more story to tell. Communicating with my father, you will be able to notice any emotion and expression he has about the subject he is talking about. When he worries about some issues – he frowns, when he is happy – he smiles. It is easy to read his emotion on his face. It is even more interesting to talk with him when you can observe his face and analyze the feelings he has towards this or that topic.

It is extremely interesting to listen to him. You can always find out some new information, learn something and share your experience with him. I can always rely on my father and I am confident that his opinion is objective. In case I want to get honest opinion of a person who doesn’t care, I would ask my father. His opinion always comes from the bottom of his heart. On the other hand, he knows how to choose the best time for it; he waits for the time when I am calm and relaxed so that I can easily perceive the information. Sometimes there may be a situation that everything goes wrong, and I feel bad. My father can always find right words and give good advice. These moments are important for me because I feel the support, I know that I am not alone, and it gives me confidence.

My father does not usually show off his feelings a lot. He might be strict and serious when we are out, but I know that he loves me, and I can feel his love in every movement and every sight. He is not used to kissing or cuddling me every day, however, when he does it once a week or so it is clear that these actions are extremely sincere and come from the big heart of my father. Every single time he gives me a cuddle, I feel overwhelmed with love and his attention. And these are the most precious moments of our relationships with my father.

This is my father the way I see him. This is the father I love so much! And it is the only thing that matters! I have the clear understanding that there are no perfect people in the Earth; however, my father is perfect for me. He is my role model and he is the person I want to be similar to when I will grow up. I want to have a family and I want my children to be as found of me as I am of my father. I love my father very much and I do appreciate everything he does for my development and me. I think that my father and I have perfect relationships and I hope that with flow of time they will only improve.

An Essay about My Father

In this essay, I am going to tell you about my father whom I am very proud of.

It is often said that there are no perfect fathers in the world. However, I do not agree with this statement. My dad is ideal. I believe that he is special; his deeds and behavior are also special. My father always speaks and dresses in an appropriate manner. Without doubt, he is a person I deeply admire, and the thought that I am his daughter makes me really happy. I would like to describe my father in detail so that you can understand why my father is so special for me.

When you first meet my father, you may think that he is conservative since he adores wearing formal clothes. However, you should not judge the person by his appearance. If you knew my dad for a few years, you would notice that he likes to wear different clothes, including elegant suits, knitted sweaters with casual jeans, and even T-shirts with shorts. In my opinion, such diversity in wardrobe shows his many-sided, rich inner world. I like the way my father dresses because it illustrates his lifestyle. The thing that I like most is that all the outfits really fit him. Therefore, I believe that my father has a really good taste.

Now, when you know how my father looks like, it is time to describe his moves since they can tell a lot about his individuality. My father does not like to walk slowly; he always moves fast. It means that he wants to do everything he has planned in a timely manner. My dad does not waste his precious time in vain. Undoubtedly, he loves his active lifestyle. What is more, my father always teaches me to enjoy every moment of our life. He reasonably explains the benefits of doing everything with delight and diligence. In addition, due to his active life position, my dad effortlessly copes with any hardship on his way.

I would like to mention that the way my father speaks is fascinating. Everyone who communicates with him can say that his speeches are clear and reasonable. My father is always interested in the subject he is talking about. Without doubt, he is a perfect interlocutor. Also, one can notice that his face expresses different emotions when he is talking. When my father is content with the issue, there is a genuine smile on his face. When he disagrees with something, he knits his eyebrows. Therefore, while speaking with him, you can guess what my father feels toward a subject being discussed.

My father never argues over the issues he knows nothing about. When listening to him, you can learn some interesting and useful information. My father reads a lot of books. He is interested in the most debatable current issues and always wants to know more. When talking with others, he tries to support his thoughts with facts to be completely objective. He believes that false statements can do harm to a person. I am happy that my dad has unbiased opinions, and he never tries to impose them on others. Obviously, my father is a very smart man. He likes to share his experience as well as learn the experiences of people surrounding him.


What is more, my father always gives me good advice when I ask for it. He can calm me when there is a need to do so. When I feel bad, he finds proper words to support me. I greatly appreciate such moments. I am really happy that my father cares about my family and me. What is more, he always gives me a helping hand and teaches to help others. He understands that he is an example I want to follow.

Even though my father is very active, he does not like to show his feelings and emotions to the public. Thus, when we go out, my dad tries to be serious and behaves in an appropriate way. He says that every man should act like a man, not a monkey. When we are at home, my father acts more freely. He likes to tell us jokes and we laugh at them together. I feel that my father loves me very much even though he does not tell me about it every day. However, he does not need to repeat it again and again. Such things are obvious without any words. I am grateful to my father for his sincerity and tender attitude to me.

This is the way I see my dad. I suppose one can say that I exaggerate because there are no perfect people in the world. However, my father is a real role model for me. I would like to have all those good features that he has. I would like my children to perceive me the same way I perceive my father. I appreciate his kindness, love, and belief in me. I wish everyone could have such close relations with their fathers as I have with mine.

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