Hands That Rock The Cradle Rule The World Essay

...The Hand That Rocks The Cradle This weekend as I was strolling through the malls, fancy decorations caught my eye. I observed cute snaps of moms and babies all over. Oh, so cute!!! I thought. Immediately it reminded me of George Cooper's poem I had learnt in standard II, Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky, Hundreds of shells on the shore together, Hundreds of birds that go singing by, Hundreds of lambs in the sunny weather. Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, But only one mother the wide world over. Only one mother who nurtured you in her womb, who fed from her gentle breast, who hushed you in her arms to rest, who ran to help when you fell down and who would tell pretty stories before kissing your crown. A mother is a person who gives up her piece of your favourite pie, promptly announcing she never did care for it. I would go on and on, but words have become cliché now. I know, enough has been written and told on mothers and motherhood and yet it is all too small. I wonder at times, what prompts mothers of such selfless, love. Is it the fact that you are a part of her flesh and blood? Why do they say, motherhood completes womanhood? What makes reproduction so irresistible in spite of the fact that it ends with labour pains? What makes her loose her own identity and feel proud of being your mom? All these feelings are so...

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The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

The woman, later a mother after marriage, plays an important role in ensuring the continuity of the human race on earth. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is a line of a poem written by the American poet, William Ross Wallace, summarizing in nine words a dignified thought which cannot be so forcefully expressed even by a volume of many pages.

This is a celebrated saying often quoted in appreciation of the important work done by a woman both as a wife and a mother. A cradle is a small box-like cot where a mother keeps her baby and moves it to and fro until it sleeps. It does not merely refer to the mother’s activity of lulling her small one to sleep but has a deeper meaning…show more content…

History abounds with examples of famous people who made a great contribution to build up the human society to what it is today. Their biographical accounts reveal that their mothers were mainly responsible to charter their lives towards the ambition of their preference. The well-known English novelist, Sir Walter Scott, was influenced by his mother who was immensely interested in poetry and literature.

Then there is the famous ordinary Corsican child of the French Revolution, Napolean Bonaparte, who finally became the Emperor of France and changed the entire course of the European history. His mother, Letizia, was a hard disciplinarian who always punished her children to teach and discipline them to face the reality of life. This is what he says about his mother. "She sometimes made me go to bed without supper, as if there were nothing to eat in the house. One had to learn to suffer and not let others see it." This kind of discipline taught to him by her must be the main reason for his successful military career.

It is admitted that most of the famous people, whose names have found a niche in history, are grateful to their mothers for shaping their destiny which brought about the vital social and material changes, which we are enjoying today. While dealing with this subject, we cannot forget that, at that period of time, they devoted their entire time to look after their children and attend to other domestic chores. As a result of this, they were able to

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