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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Zara


Sales assistant

Dear Mr/Ms,

I am writing to apply for the position of Sales Assistant in the region of Antwerpen which I saw advertised in webpage.

As a loyal customer of Zara for years, I feel perfect candidate for this position in order to work in a reporter role with the aim of meeting the customers’ needs and to handle tasks with a high level accuracy. I have a Master degree in Finance and my educational background has given me the professional, proactive, hard working attitude and excellent communication skills essential to the position for which you are seeking placement.

Working and interacting with people, problem solving, learning new things about fashion and start a career with the best professionals full of possibilities, keeps me stimulated and engaged. I believe these qualifications, in addition to my positive outlook and capabilities in working well with others, will help your company attain its goals.

Please find enclosed my CV, which I hope will interest you. As a fresh and enthusiastic Sales Assistant,I would like to light you my motivation for this position further in an introductory interview.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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Dear Mr. Stuart,

I was excited to learn about The Limited Express’s Clothing Store’s opportunity as a salesperson. I have worked at The Fashion Bug for two years at the Citadel Mall but I really like the clothing lines The Limited Express officers in its clothing store. I often take my earnings from The Fashion Bug and purchase my own clothes at your store as a regular customer.

As a clothing store salesperson, I understand the importance of looking great while wearing the store’s clothing lines and offering help to customers. I have great customer service skills and am helpful with customers who need assistance in choosing flattering items. I try to suggestively sell bracelets, purses and necklaces that go with an outfit to increase sales.

I understand how to fold sweaters, shirts and pants for displays. I am skilled at placing the latest fashions in the store windows to attract customers to walk in from the mall. I answer all customer questions and offer assistance.

I would make a great clothing store salesperson for The Limited Express. If you hired me, you would have a person who already loves your clothing line. I have attached my resume and will eagerly await your call.


Susan Johansson

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